We support the following cooporations

  • ABB Automatic Products GmbH, Göttingen
  • CeH4 technologies GmbH, Celle
  • ALSTOM Power Energy Recover GmbH, Kassel
  • E.on AVACON GmbH, Salzgitter
  • BASF AG, Ludwigshafen
  • Bohlen und Doyen GmbH, Wiesmoor
  • Combusta, Wien, Österreich
  • DEGUSSA, Antwerpen, Belgien
  • E.on Mitte, Kassel
  • Eichsfeld Gas GmbH, Worbis
  • ELMESS Thermosystemtechnik GmbH, Uelzen
  • FILTAN Filter- Anlagenbau GmbH, Langenselbold
  • Hübner Gummi- und Kunststoff GmbH, Kassel
  • Otto Klein GmbH, Niestetal
  • Krauss-Maffei-Wegmann, Kassel
  • KVV- Städt.-Werke, Kassel
  • Mainova AG, Frankfurt a.M.
  • Mündener Gummiwerke, Hann. Münden, Ödelsheim
  • Pall GmbH, Dreieich
  • Pall Portsmouth, Great Britain
  • Preussag Energie GmbH, Lingen (Ems)
  • R&M EMS, Cloppenburg
  • Regel + Meßtechnik, Kassel
  • REPA GmbH, Hess. Lichtenau
  • RWE Gas AG, Dortmund
  • Seybert & Rahier GmbH, Immenhausen
  • Südrohrbau GmbH, Butzbach
  • Volkswagen, Baunatal, Wolfsburg
  • WÄGA Wärme- Gastechnik, Kassel
  • Wintershall AG, Kassel, Lingen, Salzbergen
  • Also many

  • gas accommodation buisnesses
  • establishment structural works
  • public utility company
  • History

    A long time ago..
    75 years are to the most of us a manageable period of time. 1941 was war, it all began with the almost 50 year old boiler maker, Heinrich Becker, a field forge and all necessary tools to repair a locomotiv, boiler and machines. Purchasers were sawmills, creameries, "Basaltwerke", industrial firms a.o. - , even everywhere exhalation was needed as energy resource. In the latest years of war the cooperation had to work for the army. After the war and depending on the new owner, welding master Karl Rosenthal, the field of work of the cooperation got increasead.
    At the end of the 50's came it to a restructuring and a shift of emphasis: It began the end of the steam engines and lokomobilen generally. New forms of energy came strengthened on the market and won the natural gas one here ever more largely becoming meaning. For Becker & Rosenthal this development had as a consequence that repairs and the new preparation of apparatures, containers and pipings played a equivalent role. In addition the self-development of natural gas preheaters, which completes in the course of the years to a type row, came still a product emphasis forms today.
    After own and customer constructions, except the natural gas preheaters, heat exchangers of all kinds from steel, mentioned above, high-grade steel and copper are manufactured. As the further emphasis the equipment components for gas pressure control governors are to be called, like filters, dust and liquid separators and fittings of all nominal sizes as well as operating pressures, in addition receivers, connect -. heat and cooling systems e.g. gaskuehler. Qualified welds of all kinds and repair work, for example at steam plants, are implemented beyond that.